Thursday, April 23, 2015

FO: Clark's Tube Socks

Clark's Tube Socks

Pattern: None – just a simple tube with 1” of 2x2 ribbing and the rest in stockinette

Needles: Size 1 bamboo

Yarn: Patons Kroy in Grey Brown Marl and Flax

Modifications: none

Comments: very easy and he loves them

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Delightful Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Everyday Things That Delight You. This one has really made me think.

1) My commute – now keep in mind my drive is 1) short and 2) contains little traffic but I enjoy the time to mentally prepare for the day ahead or recover from the day that is over.

2) Lunch – I really look forward to my lunch hour each work day. It is one time I can eat in relative peace.

3) Bed time – I enjoy laying in bed with little man while we read stories and then snuggling before he falls asleep.

4) Homework time – I enjoy seeing how far Clark has come with his learning 

5) Talking with Jerry in bed before falling asleep

6) Cooking dinner – I put on some podcasts and just concentrate on what I am making. It is another way to mentally unwind from my day.

7) Listening to podcasts – my work day would be much more difficult to deal with if I didn’t have them in my ear.

8) Morning bus stop – I love watching Clark interact with the other kids. 

9) Hearing the birds chirping as the sun rises in the morning

10) Clothes still warm from the dryer

Monday, April 13, 2015

Books Read: March 2015

For the month I finished 4 books. I am still behind my 52 in 52 Challenge but I am not to concerned. In March I read:

1) Our Lady of the Lost and Found: A Novel of Mary, Faith, and Friendship by one morning a middle-ages author finds the virgin Mary in her living room. Allowing the virgin mother to stay at her home for a week she learns about Mary's history and what she wants from her own life.

2) Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst - Laura signs herself and her teenage daughter up for a reality TV adventure show in hopes that they can become close again. Along the way they meet an eclectic group of characters who are all running away from their own issues.

3) Yarn Over Murder: A Knitting Mystery by Maggie Sefton - in this installment of the series Kelly Flynn and her friends are trying to solve the murder of a local rancher while dealing with the wild fire that is threatening their valley.

4) The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith - a group of best friends since high school five middle-aged women work to help one of their own rally against her cheating husband.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Book Edition

Our topic for this week is 10 Last Books You Have Read. Even though I do a review each month I decided to participate in the topic. Although I do still owe you the book review for March but we will forget that for now.

1) The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith
2) Yarn Over Murder by Maggie Sefton
3) Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst
4) Our Lady of the Lost and Found: A Novel of Mary, Faith and Friendship by Diane

Friday, April 03, 2015

Five on Friday

It is the end of another week and the start of a new month. I know I say it all the time but I cannot believe that time is going so fast and it is April already. Here is what has been happening around here.

1) Shortly after waking up on Saturday morning our power went out. The boys and I had an impromptu date day and it was fun but tiring.

2) Monday morning I woke up to our ceiling leaking. The filter on the fish tank was blocked so it was spitting water out all Sunday night. Thankful there was no major damage done.

3) On Tuesday March decided to not go out like a lamb and we woke up to quite a bit of snow. Thankfully it warmed up during the day and melted very quickly.

4) I have finished 4 projects in less than 2 weeks. It truly is feast or famine around these parts. 

5) My Spartans have made the Final Four. We play Duke tomorrow and I am not confident in our ability to beat them but it is amazing they made it this far. 

Here are some pictures from the week.

Eating breakfast out because there was no power at home

Putting together our LEGO set at the mall

Final Four baby!

Not the sight you want to see on a Monday morning

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Sandwich Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Favorite Sandwiches.
1) Grilled cheese with Kraft singles

2) Turkey club

3) Cubano

4) Ham and Swiss

5) Philly cheesesteak

6) Peanut butter and jelly

7) Chicken salad

8) Fried egg

9) Grilled chicken quesadilla

10) Peanut butter and honey

Now I am hungry!