Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Graduation Edition

In honor of Carole’s daughter graduating from college last weekend the topic for this week is 10 Things You Would Say If You Gave a Commencement Address.

1) You may not end up working in the field you studied and that is ok
2) Begin saving money early
3) Do not buy a lot of unnecessary things when you get your first job
4) Take time to travel while you are still young
5) Do not be afraid to take some risks in life
6) Take the time to stay in touch with your friends as you go your separate ways
7) Be easy on your parents – it is not easy for them to let go
8) Take care of your physical health
9) Find a passion in life even if you never make a living at it
10 Remember that no matter what nothing is ever as bad as it seems

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Putting it Off Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Things You Need to Do and Stop Procrastinating. Now I am a major perfectionist and since I can not do things perfectly I am a BIG procrastinator. 

1) I need to call Clark’s former daycare to get him registered for summer camp.
2) I need to work on my shawl design
3) I need to get the dishcloth patterns I want to put out for free typed up
4) I need to go through the junk sitting on our microwave
5) I need to figure out what I am going to do for Clark’s last day of school – talk off a half day or the whole day
6) I need to return the needles I bought for Clark’s blanket that are to large
7) I need to clean the oven and fridge
8) I need to go through Clark’s summer clothes to get rid of the ones that are to small
9) I need to take project photos and update Ravelry
10) I need to do more business research

Now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Until next time ….

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Cinco de Mayo Food Edition

In honor of Cinco de Mayo our topic for this week is 10 Favorite Mexican Foods. I love Mexican food so here we go.

1) Mexican rice
2) Cheese and onion enchiladas
3) Beef chimichangas
4) Beef enchiladas
5) Arroz con pollo
6) Tostadas
7) Tortilla chips
8) Churros
9) Sopapillas
10) Mexican fried ice cream

Now I am hungry! Until next time ….

Monday, May 04, 2015

Book Read: April 2015

If you look carefully at the post title you will notice I said book as in one. Yes I managed to read only one book in the month of April. I thought I would read so much while on my trip to Myrtle Beach but I did not read a single page. So for an all-time low in April I completed:

1) The Ape Who Guards the Balance: An Amelia Peabody Mystery by Elizabeth Peters – in the 10th installment of the series Amelia and her family are once again on their way to Egypt. Of course they have been assigned the most boring area because of her husband’s undiplomatic behavior. However, when their children buy an ancient scroll called the Book of the Dead the real intrigue begins.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Last Week Edition

Our topic for this week is 10 Things You Did Last Week. Luckily I had an exciting week for a change.

1) Flew with my sister to Myrtle Beach, SC to spend time with our 8 cousins
2) Relaxed with the women in my family
3) Missed my guys a lot
4) Slept in and took a couple of naps
5) Did way less knitting and reading than I thought I would
6) Had Ben & Jerry’s two days in a row
7) Laughed a lot
8) Came home to snow flurries
9) Went back to work
10) Missed the 75 degree temps that I enjoyed at the beach